As a conversation designer, I believe that people are hard-wired for storytelling. It is what we did before we started to read and write, and it is what helps us make sense of the world.

I want to contribute to the further development of the emerging field of conversation design by:

  • creating conversational experiences that connect to our own innate narrative skills
  • researching what narrative devices can be used to improve conversation design
  • advising platform builders and technology suppliers on what conversational designers need in terms of system capabilities and technical support
  • building a conversation design community.


Conversation design is a discipline that brings together everything I love: linguistics, human interaction, language and writing, information design, technology, user experience and storytelling. That is why I want to work on projects that reflect my personal values.


I do not exclude anybody in my designs. In developing conversational interfaces, I will try my best to prevent bias against women, people of colour and minority genders.


I contribute in solving problems of people that may be more vulnerable in our current society: my special interest goes to the elderly, children, and people with multiple impairments.


I want to learn from the best. In my work, I either learn something new myself, or I can teach something new to others.