Voice actions

"Hey Google, talk to Terry Pratchett quotes"
  • My ‘hello world’ project: building my first voice action.
  • Generate a random quote from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books.
  • Storytelling: use ‘The Dis-organiser Mark 1’, a fictional personal organiser that consists of an imp in a wooden box, as a persona. Write prompts an replies in a consistent and suitable tone of voice.
  • Voice optimisation: use SSML to create a voice that resembles an imp.
  • Audio integration: use an external audio file in the welcome message.

This action caught on in the Terry Pratchett fan community. I have received requests for extra features.

"Hey Google, talk to smart explorer"
"Hey Google, praat met slimme verkenner"

When you’re logged in as a Dutch Google user, the Google Assistant web page by default shows an overview of Dutch voice actions. I built a voice action that allows me to rapidly switch between the voice action directories of Dutch, English, French and German actions.

  • Learning to build a multi-lingual voice action (available languages: English and Dutch).
  • Discovered a translation workflow that worked around some of the limitations of dialogflow.
  • Learning to build rich responses with quick prompts and cards.
  • Earned recognition from the Google developer community, and received a Google Home for deploying a multi-lingual voice action.