I’m a conversation designer

  • Identify use cases for conversational solutions
  • Design dialog flows and conversational architecture
  • Write conversational copy for both chatbots and voice assistants
  • Craft bot persona and tone of voice

I’m a linguist

  • Theoretical linguistics, especially phonology, phonetics, pragmatics & syntax
  • Linguistics of storytelling, conversation analysis, stylistics, rhetoric
  • Sounds and intonation patterns of English and Dutch
  • Optimise intents for NLP and NLU
  • Optimise tone of voice for voice assistants with SSML

I’m a content management expert

  • Component content management, DITA, SCORM, XML
  • Metadata, ontology, taxonomy, content architecture
  • Variables and conditional publishing
  • Content release & workflow management
  • Coach other writers in modular and single source writing

I’m a technical writer

  • Design user-centered task support for expert users
  • Write procedures, work instructions, training guides, system manuals
  • UX writing for user interfaces
  • Worked in telecom, aviation, banking, railway and small software houses

I’m an information analyst

  • Work in a devops team, using Scrum as preferred method
  • Collect & analyse user requirements
  • Refine and manage backlog: story mapping, story slicing
  • Define acceptance criteria, specification by example